When To Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident

A car accident is so common that it becomes a normal occurrence on the road. Car accidents are the most common types of risk when driving or riding a vehicle, but its value should never be reduced to something minimal. Even when you aren’t hurt, there is a fair price to be paid for car accidents and the best way to be paid that fair price is to hire an attorney from Belluck & Fox Personal Injury Attorneys.


The Real Case with Car Accidents

If it’s your first-time to get into a car accident, then most probably, you have no idea on how insurance companies and the other party works. Did you know that insurance companies offer the minimum amount to pay for car accidents? Did you know that they stalk victims so that they can bribe them into settling for a smaller amount of money?

These cases are not exaggerated. In fact, these things happen (even the stalking) because insurance companies want to settle things with you before you decide to get an attorney. Tip: The best way to get an attorney is right after a car accident or before you face the insurance company or the other party involved in the accident.


Why do you need an attorney?

There are many reasons as to why an attorney is valuable when it comes to car accidents. Here are just some of the things you can benefit from:


  1. Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations refers to the time given to you to file a case for the car accident. This varies per state, but the average amount of time is only one to two years. This is only a short time for you to make a case and pass it or sue the other party. Without a lawyer, you might not be able to have the courage to face the other party or the insurance company in court. These people can be intimidating and some victims tend to back down over time.


  1. Knowledge of the law

There is no other expert to go to for the law but attorneys. These legal professionals will become your voice when it comes to fighting for your interests. At the same time, they are the people who know a lot about the law that they will guide you regarding your legal options.

Attorneys are an asset when it comes to building cases. They can look for loopholes, they can also provide a team that will investigate your case. According to experts, when a lawyer is involved in the case, the number of damages to be paid increases at least thrice. If you want to get most out of your misfortune, then you can hire an attorney to increase the damages to be awarded you.


  1. Experience with insurance companies

It’s not just the knowledge of the law that makes attorneys important. What makes them more valuable is their experience with insurance companies. Most insurance companies don’t play fair in terms of awarding damages. There are even cases when they result to bribery just so they won’t pay the higher amount for damages. They also want to avoid cases that will taint their reputation so they always offer a settlement.

However, these settlements are often low in value. When you have an attorney, their experience will help you determine whether or not the other party is giving a low settlement. In this way, you can raise your offer until it becomes fair for you.


  1. Having your best interests at heart

Finally, hiring an attorney is like having another person who will fight for your best interests. Instead of just encouraging you, attorneys have substantial means to help you receive that fair compensation. At the end of the day, you have to pay medical bills and you might have skipped work days because of the unfortunate event of getting into a car accident. Your attorney will make sure that you get compensated for that especially when you are not at fault.

Insurance companies and other parties involved in a car accident know how to play hardball and they won’t easily give a large sum of money to victims. This is the reality and you cannot expect them to give a fair price especially when they spot that you are a first-timer with these things. Hiring an attorney will be the best decision towards protecting yourself and your finances.